Do you want to...

  • Promote a positive change in your relationship?
  • Grow intimately with your partner and feel good about yourself?
  • Challenge yourself to achieve this goal?

The Game

In2Intimacy is not about competition, it is about exercising cooperation and practicing positive recognition.

A Game for couples who want...

  • To bring more love into their lives
  • To bring meaning to their relationship
  • To bring more joy into their partnership

How it works?

In2Intimacy Game

Begin your journey to improving your relationship.


“The In2Intimacy Game for Couples is a very helpful and fun way to teach couples how to both give and receive positive strokes (acts of recognition and attention) which are essential to our psychological well-being. Too often couples get into the habit of giving negative attention to one another which makes it very difficult to open up and be vulnerable with one another. Research has shown that in the absence of positive recognition, human beings will automatically seek out ways to get negative attention since none of us can tolerate not being recognized by others. Learning to give and receive positive attention makes it much easier for couples to create a loving, nurturing, intimate and fulfilling relationship with one another. This Game can be the beginning of creating a new way of relating to your spouse. I highly recommend it!”

—Vann S. Joines, Ph.D., Co-Author of TA Today

“This ‘game’ is great for opening up communication between couples. It gives them ways to communicate positive messages to each other, to learn more about each other in a safe way, and even to approach subjects that can be hard to talk about. Anyone can use it to get to know each other better. Good tool for couples’ therapists as well.”

—Lucy Freedman, MAT, past president, International Transactional Analysis Assn. and USA Transactional Analysis Association.